“I had a sciatic problem and it was very painful. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. I came into the office using a cane and in a lot of pain. In just a few weeks of treatment, I was able to cut down on pain medicine. It took a little longer to get rid of the cane. But now I am in very good health. It took a lot of perseverance and exercise. I cannot thank everyone enough for all your help. Thanks again.”
Elizabeth – Painful Sciatic Problem

“I have been coming here for quite sometime and it has certainly made me realize how important chiropractic care is. I doubt very much if I could do as much as I can now do, if I hadn’t started treatment. My line of work requires a lot of lifting and my care here has made it possible to continue my work. I will always be grateful!”
Linda – Chiropractic care is important

“This is a very nice and friendly office. I especially appreciate Dr. Wayne. There is no real help for my back, but each month he relieves the pressure on my back. He is so caring and a VERY good doctor.”
Ruth – Nice and friendly chiropractic office

“The days following my accident, I felt my pain could not be helped; but upon referral to Dr. Wayne Rudnick I found relief and hope that the pain would never return. That is exactly what happened! The staff is so concerned about the patients. Dr. Wayne is always concerned about my healing and what is going on with my life in general. He’s been a friend I could talk to and receive his best help. Thank you sincerely!”
Audrey – Relief from pain following a car accident