Meet the Chiropractor

Dr. Rudnick’s father was a chiropractor, so he has had the privilege of being around chiropractic care since he was four years old. His father was Dr. Leonard Rudnick, and the family has been serving the Tucson area since 1980. The Tucson Chiropractic Center has been in existence since 1985. Dr. Wayne Rudnick has watched the profession improve and grow to what it has become today. The majority of his life has been spent preparing for what he now does every day. He helps patients return to the activities they want to do. Sometimes he is able to change their lives by helping them change their view of what being healthy for a lifetime really means. He co-manages care with other healthcare professionals such as orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and pain management specialists to primary care physicians, physical therapists, and/or massage therapists almost daily.

As a 1995 Palmer West graduate, Dr. Rudnick received the clinical excellence award, voted on by the clinicians at the campus. He has well over 100 hours of post-graduate work in radiographic interpretation, 100 hours from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, and 150 hours from the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries. He has met or surpassed the board requirements for post-graduate education. 

In addition, he has:

  • worked with the Sports Medicine Fellowship doctors for the University of Arizona for over 15 years.
  • been the team Chiropractor for the University of Arizona Wildcat Hockey team for the last 26 years. 
  • worked as the Team Chiropractor for the University of Arizona Men’s Soccer Club team the last 5 years. 
  • been recognized as the team Chiropractic physician for the Tucson Roadrunners since 2017. 
  • spent years developing relationships with health care providers throughout the Tucson area.
  • coordinated care with local orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and pain management specialists such as primary care physicians, physical therapists, and massage therapists.

Using the latest technology and treatment methods, Tucson Chiropractic Center can evaluate your condition and provide a customized treatment plan to meet your goals. The rehabilitation program could include chiropractic manipulation, passive physical medicine modality services, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises.

Patient Experience

Due to Covid we were unable to offer a grand re-opening in December 2020.  The office environment/Décor may have improved [take a virtual tour link]; however, the focus on our mission statement and customer service is the same. Prior to construction, Dr. Rudnick asked patients to provide “a wish list” and he has implemented the recommendations into the new office. If you have not been in for the last several years, you can expect the same friendly service with the following improvements to make your office visit more efficient and enjoyable:

  • Individual lockers with an easy access lock for items that need to be secured.
  • Electrical outlets with USB capability in the waiting area and individual treatment rooms that allow you to charge a mobile phone. 
  • Adjustable lighting in the individual treatment rooms to assist with possible light sensitivity. 
  • Digital DR X-ray capability with the ability to review digital imaging from every room, and access to Radiology Limited & Simon Med imaging portals. 
  • The ability to schedule and receive payment in each treatment room as well as the reception area to expedite your treatment experience and provide additional privacy when necessary.
  • Open treatment rooms with barn doors when additional privacy is necessary.
  • A commitment to continue to avoid double booking patients to “limit traffic or wait time,” and minimizes potential exposure during your visit.

Thank You From Dr. Wayne

Thank you to the thousands of patients I have had the pleasure of treating since 1996. I appreciate your trust and patronage throughout my career and the recent remodel was something you certainly deserve. I would also like to acknowledge my colleagues that have assisted me in the new office transformation and additional services. Finally, I would like to express my gratitude to my existing and prior team members who believed in the office mission statement. There is no question your efforts have allowed me to provide the quality of care I strive for.

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